5 Tishrei 5778 - 25 Sep 2017

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Radlett United Synagogue is a modern orthodox, Zionist and politics-free community. We are one of the fastest growing United Synagogues and have over 600 member families.

We are very proud of the warm informal atmosphere that pervades everything that we do. We try to involve as many people as possible in our wide range of activities.

It is important to us that our synagogue is a centre of lively, thoughtful debate where people are free to question and examine ideas. At the same time it is also critical that there is an atmosphere of religious growth rather than stagnation and so members of the shul are warmly encouraged to expand their religious knowledge and observance incrementally each year.
Whilst we recognise that our members come from a wide spectrum of religious observance, the synagogue itself is governed by Halachah which is decisive in all matters.
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